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MD 355 Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Planning Study

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), in partnership with Montgomery County Department of Transportation, is conducting the MD 355 Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Planning Study to evaluate enhanced transit service along MD 355 from Bethesda to Clarksburg (approximately 21 miles) utilizing Bus Rapid Transit. The purpose of the study is to conduct an assessment of a range of Bus Rapid Transit concepts and develop recommendations that will:

  • Improve quality of transit service;
  • Improve mobility opportunity and choices
  • Develop transit services that enhance the quality of life
  • Develop transit services that support master planned development; and
  • Support sustainable and cost effective transportation solutions
  • To review additional project background, click on the Draft Purpose and Need Document.

Study recommendations would be used in the future for environmental analysis and documentation as required by either the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) or the Maryland Environmental Policy Act (MEPA). The study is funded by MDOT for planning only. Design, right-of-way and construction funding and sources have not yet been determined. The project is part of a larger countywide effort (Countywide Transit Corridors Functional Master Plan) to establish a rapid transit network on major transportation corridors within Montgomery County.

The Conceptual Alternatives Report, published in April 2017 is now available. Also available is the Draft Preliminary Purpose and Need Statement, published in December 2015, and updated in April 2016. Corridor Advisory Committees for this project were launched in February 2015. A link to the meeting materials and summaries are also provided for review.

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