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Tracy Perez, Regional Planner 410-767-3142

Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties

Shore Transit - Tri-County Council for the Lower Eastern Shore

Contact: Michael Pennington
Executive Director
100 Pearl Street, Suite A
PO Box 99
Snow Hill, Maryland 21863
Phone: 410-632-4700
Fax: 410-632-5631
In October of 2002, representatives of Somerset Commuter, Wicomico Transit and Worcester County Ride approached the Tri-County Council for the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland with the concept of merging the three locally operated transit systems (LOTS). The benefits of merging the LOTS allowed for the sharing of vehicles, reallocating staff into more duty specific positions, and pooling of funding sources to implement changes for a more cost efficient-transit operation. The concept was approved and in July 2003, the restructured Shore Transit became a reality with the merger of Wicomico Transit with Somerset Commuter. With the addition of the Worcester County Ride operation in July 2004, the merger was complete. With one system (as opposed to three) fare structures, schedules, customer information, and physical connections are integrated for a more convenient and practical service. This innovative approach created the infrastructure for the coordination of public with human service transportation within one comprehensive transit provider. Coordinating efforts, partnership, and community outreach have contributed to a 291% increase in passenger trips in a 4-year period.


Dorechester County

Delmarva Community Services, Inc.

Contact: Santo Grande
2450 Cambridge Beltway
P. O. Box 637
Cambridge, Maryland 21613
Phone: 410-221-1900
Fax: 410-221-1917
Delmarva Community Services (DCS) provides deviated fixed-route and demand-response transportation services to the general public, the elderly, and to persons with disabilities residing in Dorchester County. The transportation services provide access to various destinations including shopping centers, day activity centers, employment locations, medical facilities, and a variety of social and human service centers. Major activity centers that are serviced by DCS include: Cambridge, Salisbury, and Easton. The Dorchester County is the primary service area, with medical trips to the City of Baltimore.


Kent, Caroline, and Talbot County

Delmarva Community Services, Inc.

Contact: Jerome Phillips
Delmarva Community Transit
10502 Greensboro Road
P.O. Box 409
Denton, Maryland 21629
Phone: 410-479-4974
Fax: 410-479-4443
Schedule Information:
Transportation Services in Kent, Caroline and Talbot Counties are provided by Delmarva Community Services (DCS). DCS is a non-profit operator DCS operates a demand-response service, deviated fix route, and JARC. This service type effectively serves the mixture of small towns and rural areas found in this tri-county region. The demand-response system provides rural residents with more frequent transportation service than they would otherwise receive. The DCS transportation program includes various trip destinations such as shopping centers, employment centers, educational facilities, adult day care centers, and senior centers. Other major activity centers include Denton, Federalsburg, Cheasepeake Community College, Easton, Chestertown and Centreville.


Town of Ocean City

Ocean City Transportation

Contact: George T. Thornes
Superintendent of Transportation
208 65th Street
Ocean City, MD 21842

Phone: 410-723-2174
Fax: 410-723-1832
Schedule Information:
The Department of Transportation for the Town of Ocean City operates both fixed route and demand-response public transit service. The system serves the needs of approximately 8,000 year-round local residents and 305,000 summer tourists, visitors, and guests. The fixed route service is provided along the ten-mile Coastal Highway, Philadelphia, and Baltimore Avenue corridors with stops located about every other block. The transit service is a major player in the Town's efforts to mitigate and control traffic while providing good mobility. Additionally, the transit service plays a key role in promoting pedestrian safety throughout the resort.


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